Saturday, July 17, 2010

B. Curious Toys

(..Continued from previous post.)

The best find of the day, however, was not clothing related at all!

As the three of us were walking towards the bakery, I caught a glimpse of something bright and colorful on an end cap. I walk towards it for a closer look, knowing it must be something baby or kid related and I'm always scouting out new and exciting toys for learning.

To my great excitement, I was RIGHT! I came across a B. Curious Toy called "Times Square". It's a new rendition of a classic toy I've seen many times. It incorporates so many levels for learning, this toy will keep Monster and I busy for a long, long time.

On the packaging the toy boasts 6 sides of learning, and fun. As I examined the toy closer I couldn't contain my excitement for it. I put it in the cart without question, and couldn't wait to get it and my Monster home to try it out. Of course, at 4 months my Monster is a little young to know his letters and numbers, but he does have enough hand-eye coordination to operate the piano and the telephone (somewhat).

This toy is aimed at children ages 1-3, but with some dedication, this is a toy we and his learning can grow with starting even now. Now that my eyes are open to this toy maker, and his potential, I am saddened by the fact that it is primarily sold in Targets. An American big box store.

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