Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Absent Blogger Updates Life with a Monster!

Life around here has been nuts, however I have been inspired to write a little bit tonight.

Monster is a whopping 17 months, has 11 teeth (3/4 of his molars) and is constantly looking for something new and dangerous to try and climb. He will have a bruise somewhere at any given time, and is often covered in peanut butter or dirt.

We have also ventured into what I can only describe as "terrible-twodum-ness" which means we have regular battles with the word "No" and a sceaming/squeeling/flinging-himself-onto-the-floor-bull-headed-ness toddler. It's not all loud defiance in our home though. A lot of the rest of the time is spent giggling and chatting. Monster hasn't shown a lot of interest in speaking English, but he is quite fluent and assertive in Monster-speak.

Monster-speak is mostly questions. If you listen closely you can pick out words that sound familiar, but for the most part Monster-speak is my Monster's primary language.

Since the majority of my days are spent out of the home, I have become a better parent to Monster when I'm actually with him. The lack of time we have together has provided me with mommy patience I have never experienced before. Plus, I know my Monster misses me just as much as I miss him while I'm gone, hugs are certainly not in short supply when I return home.

The most recent photo I have of my Monster and I. Please note the ugly yellowing bruise on his forehead.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Steps

Every Wednesday my two oldest nieces come over and babysit my Monster. They take over for Hubbs around 2:30 in the afternoon and tire my tot out by hours of playing and laughing.

February 16th was no ordinary Wednesday, it was the day Monster took his first REAL steps!

Let me back track a little. On February 11th was my oldest nieces Birthday party. Typical Birthdays in our family means everyone joins in the fun, even if you're a teenager and all your friends are going to be there. ;) It was a cool snow covered evening where we all gathered at my in laws. The highlight of my night wasn't the cake (much to my surprise) but watching the two boys running back and forth the length of the rec room in the basement. Reed, my nephew was running full speed back and forth laughing non-stop. Monster on the other hand was stuck waddling behind him pushing a walker-toy.

Apparently, that was NOT good enough for Monster. Within three days he had completely learned to walk. He would no longer be left behind by his older cousin!

The reason I started this blog the way I did was because the first official steps where taken on a Wednesday. I walked in the door, K.Honor (my oldest niece) stood Monster up and had him walk over to my welcoming arms! I was ecstatic! I couldn't deny, however, how proud my K.Honor looked having witnessed Monster's first steps before anyone else in the world. A small part of my is saddened that because I chose to work, I miss milestones like this, but what would bring a family closer together then being able to share those moments with the ones you love?

If it couldn't be Hubbs or I, I'm glad it was K.Honor and Telly!

Diary of a One year old

A lot of life has happened between now and my last blog. I can't even believe how long it's been since I typed about my Monster.

I'm going to start with life today, and work backwards trying to catch everyone up a little bit. Since I last blogged a HUGE milestone happened! MONSTER TURNED ONE!

Just before his epic 3-day-weekend of Birthday MADNESS, came a total of six teeth (four on top, two on bottom), his first steps, and a diet fit for a one year old. We're officially down to two bottles a day, of 3.25% Milk one at 4pm (as a late afternoon snack) and one at 7:30-8pm as a bedtime snack before his bath. Next step is exchanging his 4pm snack bottle with actual food, but that will come with time.

My one year old now runs, plays hockey with daddy, sits on a potty and LOVES cheese! Notice I said "Sits on a potty" he hasn't actually done any kind of business on his throne, but it's sure cute to see him perched up there playing with his pull-up. My one year old puts on hats, takes off clothes, throws toys on the floor, pets the kittys and puppy and even helps mommy holler outside the door when it's time for Lola to come back inside.

One year went by too fast and it makes me realize how becoming a parent is like entering a time machine...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lifestyle Resolution -- And the Sales Approach?

Today is a new day! I was sitting in a seminar this afternoon that had absolutely nothing to do with weight loss or healthy eating but I did hear a wise piece of advice that is most definitely transferable.

It takes twenty-one tries to change a habit into a routine or a better habit. The seminar was regarding sales and creating a routine in order to ensure we've covered every base that we need to. If you fail to meet your new routine anytime between your first attempt and your twenty-first attempt, you must start back at one until you achieve your goal.

Once you've reached your twenty-first time, without fail you should congratulate yourself on creating a new habit or routine for yourself. How does this translate to a lifestyle change, or weight loss? I don't know. If I chose not to order french fries the first 21 times I'm offered them, then by the time I'm offered them the 22nd time I've created a habit and wont ever be tempted? I will never be tempted by the salty, golden wondrous things we call fries again?

I doubt it. What are your thoughts on the whole thing? How does changing a habit or routine in one aspect of your life translate to the part of your brain that controls your eating habits or exercise routines? So far on my weight loss journey I've been able to say no, or just "taste" tempting high point foods but I don't know where that sudden will power or self control even came from? I don't know. I guess for as long as I have will power and self control I guess I don't really need to worry about where it came from.

Cheers to 200 Posts!

Dear Readers,

Right this minute you are reading my 200th post. Whether you started following my Monster and I on our adventure right at the beginning or this is the first post you're reading I want to Thank you for your love and support on my journey into mommyland!

In this blog you'll find almost a day-to-day account of my life as a mom from the time Monster was about 3 months old onwards. I started this blog for myself, so that I could record small everyday things that happen to us as a family, and HUGE life changing events like Monster's First Christmas. I plan on printing my entries and fashioning a book of some sorts so that I can look back on this stage of my life and in all honesty cry. I'm a crier, so it's not hard to make me cry.

I also hope that my children will read my entries and see what it was like for Hubbs and I at the beginning. I can't see how they'd be even remotely interested until they're on thier way to making a family for themselves. A time so far into the future that it kind of scares me to even think about!

Anyways! Thank you form the bottom of my heart for those of you who read and contribute to this tiny piece of history for me and my tiny family.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Returning to work = Bad Mommy!

That's how I'm feeling right now anyways. I'm not in a sulky, beat myself up kind of mood either!

Today as I was rocking my Monster to sleep for another night in a row, I flashed back to a memory when I could just lay Monster down into his crib, AWAKE, and he'd fall fast asleep on his own. I flashed back to a time when Monster didn't wake up each night been midnight and four in the morning and come to our bed so that everyone in the house can finish their nights sleep.

These facts make me feel like a bad mommy. I returned to work and sacrificed my consistency for sleep. I sacrificed my self-soothing Monster for a well rested feeling the next day at work. I told myself over Christmas time that I'd spend my time off sleep training so that we'd reverse this new habit and return to normal. I made an excuse for myself and my Monster over Christmas time because he was teething. I'm embarrassed to even admit all of this because of my fellow parents who read this.

I'm at a loss and don't even know where to go from here. Monster sleeps in his crib until his middle-of-the-night wake up, when instead of spending the time and effort rocking him or soothing or god forbid letting him cry I dutifully pick him up and bring him to bed with me.

I am a bad mommy whose laziness created a bedtime Monster.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Infant Fruit Snacks!

All along my Monster has adored most food I feed him, or place on his tray to feed himself. That is the main reason why I've avoided feeding him junk. He'd probably love it!

From day one of Monster's solids eating career fruits and veggies have been the major staple in his diet. That hasn't changed in the slightest, even now when infant snacking is taking front seat in our daily challenges. If I want a snack I might grab an apple or some crispy minis, both of which Monster can't eat.

Yesterday when I walking around the grocery store searching for the perfect infant snack I thought about Monsters favorite food. Fruit. I came across frozen blueberries and raspberries and thought they'd be perfect. Thaw however many you want for a perfect serving size and place them on Monsters tray to feed himself because they're the perfect pincer grasp size.

This morning Monster had blueberries with his porridge. It was perfect in every way! Today at snack time I thawed some raspberries and mixed them into yogurt! Monster went bananas over it! He liked it so much that I stole a bite, it kind of tasted like a frozen yogurt dessert! I approve! A word of caution to the mommies out there: Thawed blueberries and raspberries make quite a mess when you leave your infant to their own devices! Spray and wash is a must! ;)

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